Join me on a ten week journey through the body to release tension and stress. You will need a long (90cm) foam roller and a space to lie down. In week one we begin with the feet and legs and how to centre the torso and breath. Over the six weeks we release arms, shoulders and then the trunk, before beginning to connect legs and arms to trunk and then finishing with three full body fascia focussed classes for the final three weeks. You'll feel the difference in your body each week and start to sense your fascial network and the power of releasing fascial tension to increase ease in body and mind.

Hi, I’m Cat

I'm an integrated movement practitioner and Principal level Pilates instructors with over 18 years of Pilates teaching. I have a background in dance and martial arts and I LOVE exploring the body and finding effective movement strategies for wellness and function. Join me for ten weeks of fascial release and fascia focussed Pilates and notice increased calm and youthful movement in your daily life. This ten week course can be taken again and again and you can dip into the sections that feel relevant to you that day to focus on lower back, hips, feet, neck or a whole body fascia focussed class.

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'Centered' - Fascial Release and fascia focussed Pilates.

Release stress in the body wtih fascial release and fascia focussed movement.

Stay 'Centered' with this 10 class journey to release fascial restrictions and stress in the body. The first 5 classes take you through the body unwinding tension and learning life changing ways of centering our body, mind and breath. Classes 6 and 7 focus on the integration of arms and legs to torso and classes eight to ten explore whole body, fascia focussed movement to keep you moving well through life. Designed as a course you can do again and again and dip into to address specific tension areas in the body.

Class 1- Releasing feet and legs, centering the spine, ribcage and pelvis.

Building you from the ground up, we start with the feet.

Release fascia and strengthen your
neuro-fascial network for greater everyday function.

Feel the whole body soften as you release areas of tension and disorder to create a unified, supple whole.

Fascia provides a pathway for down regulating your nervous system to help you feel calm and 'Centered'.

Hydrating fascia creates juicy tissue which feels supple and youthful.